What is the Best Professional Camera for a Wedding Photographer?

If you’re a professional wedding photographer, you know that in this millennium of fast changing technology, where every day new gadgets are improvised, the best camera a few years ago may not be able to deliver the intended combination of image usability and quality, that will allow you to keep up with competition.

Besides, if you have shot over a million pictures with it, your camera may be nearing its death! You owe it to yourself to consider an upgrade.

While the obvious answer may be that you need to purchase the latest version of the camera that you already own, you may want to consider either upgrading, switching systems or getting a brand new gadget.

Things to consider before purchasing best professional camera for wedding photographers include:

  • Price
  • Dynamic range
  • Overall image quality
  • User interface
  • Durability
  • System

Here are the best cameras for wedding photography:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

At less the half the price of the 1DX, the Canon 5D Mark III, has an incredible image quality. It’s layout, compact size and low price make it one of the best cameras for wedding photography.

Mark III has an improved autofocus, a clean ISO through 2000 and a boosted ISO to 102,400 are all amazing results, and the shutter life cycle claimed at approximately 150k, generous buffer size and the rugged build make it the camera that you are most likely to use for your wedding tasks.

Price: $3,199

Nikon D8000

When it comes to the highest-scoring-complete frame based on general image quality, Nikon D800 offers an ideal combination of image quality, size performance, and price.

Nikon D8000 has a color depth of 25.3 bits, a 14 bit A/D conversion and dynamic range of 14.4 stops, which precisely means that it should be able to capture accurate and pleasing colors and all the details of light and dark clothing.

At 36.3MP, lenses are extremely enlargeable and a 91000 pixels color Matrix-Metering-III system that is virtually foolproof.

Nikon D8000 is solidly built, sealed against splashes and dust. The shutter is also tested to complete more than 200,000 cycles.

Price: $2,796.95

Sony Alpha A99

Sony Alpha A99 is the flagship camera of this brand. It is the second DSLR model manufactured by the electronic giant. This gadget is a vivid proof that Sony has gotten serious about producing pro-level cameras.

Unlike its counterparts, it is not entirely DSLR but it utilizes a high resolution “EVF” viewfinder, which provides the merit of never having to move it away from your face to confirm that you got the shot.

While the selection of flashes and lenses is quite limited than its competition.

Sony has liaised with Zeiss to manufacture some of the best optics around, and a number of independent label flash systems are also compatible.

Sony Alpha A99 has a 24MP sense that possesses the highest DXOMark image quality, with rating for any full-frame DSLR.

It also has a color depth of 25 bit and, the 14 stop native dynamic ranges are the most ideal to utilize in their respective categories.

Price $2,298


IMHO the above are the top best professional camera for wedding photographers, if you love photography, make sure that you purchase one these bad boys!


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