Top 3 Beauty Spots in Plymouth for Landscape Photography

When we talk about Landscape Photography, what usually come into our minds are the beautiful scenery, landforms and nature spots. Yes indeed landscape photography focuses on showing the  beauty of nature ranging from the majestic mountains to crystal clear oceans. Wherever, you go you will surely find wonderful landforms that are worth capturing in photos.

In England, Plymouth is one of the cities that tourists from different parts of the world love to visit. Plymouth offers lots of attractions because of its remarkable location which is between the rivers of Tamar and Plymin. It is regarded as “Britain’s Ocean City” and is considered as one of the most historical places in England.

If you are planning to visit Plymouth soon, don’t forget to bring your cameras with you because there are many beauty spots worth photographing. Photographers especially those into landscape photography for sure can capture plenty of astounding images of beauty spots in Plymouth. Three of the best spots that you should check out are: Plymouth Hoe Park, The Barbican and The Majestic Royal Citadel.

  1. the hoePlymouth Hoe Park

Plymouth Hoe Parkk is locally called as “The Hoe”. It is a wide grass area where you can find several interesting structures like the Smeaton Tower and Armada Monument. Smeaton Tower is a part of the Eddystone Lighthouse built in 1759 by John Smeaton. Smeaton Tower was said to built from the stones transferred from the Eddystone Rock Lighthouse located 14 miles away. You need to take 93 steps upstairs to reach the lantern room. Up there you can have a wonderful overlooking view of The Hoe.

The Hoe also has a wide promenade that is used for parades by military personnel. Moreover, the Hose is used is a popular venue for holding events, concerts and festivals such as the annual Blue Mile. Wedding photographer nottingham have been to The Hoe many times and likes it a lot.

Photographers can certainly get a lot of great landscape photographs no matter what angle they position their cameras. For vacationing families, each family member will have something to keep them busy since there are plenty of water sports activities that they can do and there are also many cafes they can go to when they want to eat and unwind.

  1. The Barbican

The Barbican is the north-western part of the old Plymouth harbor where you can find excellent structures that represent 14th and 16th centuries architecture. Examples are the Elizabeth House on New Street (formerly Rag Street) and the Dominican monastery on Southside Street. It will surely be a good scenery to capture.  You can also find here old fishing port architecture that can make an amazing landscape photograph.

The Barbican used to be a home to fishermen and fish vendors. Some of the great places you can find here are the National Marine Aquarium which is a very large aquarium and the Elizabethan House which now serves as a museum.

  1. The Royal Citadel

The Royal Citadel can be found in the eastern part of Plymouth Hoe. It was built in 1660s through the leadership of King Charles II. It was Sir Bernard de Gommme who designed it this 70-ft high wall which is considered the the most important defence in England. The Royal Citadel is still currently occupied by British military but tourists are allowed to visit the place. You cannot take pictures inside though.

Visiting these places is surely a great way to take unique, magnificent landscape photos. Not only can you capture ancient landmarks but you also have a taste of the ancient past.

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