Preparing for your Family’s first Photo Shoot

family photo shootA scheduled family shoot surely brings excitement to all family members. We love the idea of gathering together for one memorable family shoot. Family portraits always give us joy especially when we are far from them and yet we are able to see the faces in the pictures.

Some of us even hang our family portrait on the wall of our house because we want our visitors to be able to see it. We don’t get to reunite with our family often due to our busy schedule. And so, a planned family shoot is something that all members are certainly looking forward to. Of course, you should find a date where all if not most family members are available. A good choice is on a holiday or when a family member is about to celebrate a birthday or get married.

If it is your first family photo shoot, you will surely feel anxious on what to do or how to prepare for it. Well, there are several tips that can help you and your relatives make your photo session an awesome experience.

  1. Plan on the clothes to wear

The family should collectively decide on what colors to wear. Colors matter a lot in a photo. It would be best if you choose clothes that are of the same shade. Say for example, if you choose blue then all members should wear something blue – dark blue, light blue as long as it is within the same shade. If you have a big family, you can choose 3 colors and jointly agree on who will wear what specific color. You can ask advice from your professional photographers of portrait photography twickenham.

  1. Sleep well and eat right.

Even with the presence of photo editing software, it is still different if you actual look great in real life. You can make yourself look even better in the pictures if you prepare for the coming shoot. Sleeping early, exercising and eating right before the scheduled family shoot will surely bring a lot of difference in the family portrait. Tell other family members, too.

  1. Bring props that are significant for the family.

It is also a good idea to include a valuable item during the photo shoot. Valuable items may include a necklace or ring that is passed on from generation to generation or an antique clock given by a descendant. This will bring fond memories of those who already passed away. Our friends at newborn photography Pittsburgh certainly agree with this.

  1. Agree to be on the location at least an hour before schedule.

By going early to the location even if it is in your ancestral home, you will still have time to fix minor changes or help other family members with their outfits. Helping one another look good is a nice way to bond. Arriving early can also give you time to exchange greetings and pleasantries especially with those who you seldom see.

You seldom get to have a family photo with most relatives are in attendance; hence, it is important to make it become truly a memorable one.


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