Review of the Nikon DF “Retro look” Camera

The Nikon DF is a full frame (FX) Digital SLR camera targeted at enthusiasts like us and also full time professionals.

The camera is simply drop dead gorgeous to look at and clearly aimed at the “retro” market which has so far been dominated by Fuji with their “X” range of cameras.

A first glance at the camera’s specifications make this look firmly in the Pro level marketplace, however the omission of dual card slots seems strange given that this is almost a must-have now for wedding photographers especially.

The camera’s looks hark back to the glorious days of film with it’s chrome exterior (also available in black) – I just love it!

Rather than me prattle on about it any more I came across this excellent review of the camera.

Full specs and details can be found on Nikon’s website¬†


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