How to Take Perfect Landscape Shots

landscape photographySeeing wonderful images of nature in the form of painting and photographs makes us appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. These marvelous representations give us so much delight, joy and a feeling of serenity. When we go outdoors for a hike up the mountains or go for a swim in a calm beach, we feel the urge to capture its beauty and we tend to pull out our camera to take a shot. We surely wouldn’t miss that fleeting moment.

For sure, most of you who go on a trip ever so often always bring with a DSLR or even a smartphone to photograph the beautiful things you see. There are some of us who want to take perfect landscape shots and wish to be able to do it like a pro. Others get serious and really study photography with focus on landscape images.

Amateur photographers who desire to master landscape photography can get a good start in learning how to take perfect landscape shots by following these helpful tips.

  1. Map out the best photo locations

Go online and search for places that were frequented by travelers and photographers. View the pictures they took and plan what you would want your capture images to look like. Checking out the best terrain, landforms, or vacation destinations can help you plan ahead on how to get there, what times to travel and what safety precautions to follow. You cannot just go to a new location without knowing what lies ahead. There are forests, high places that can be dangerous to visit.

  1. Know the best times to shoot

Times differ in different places and it is advisable to know ahead what time you should be in the place to get the right landscape shot. Generally, the best times are during the golden hours but it will still depend on the location on how light or dark it is during that particular time. In far-flung and high places you have to travel or hike for some hours, hence, the need to know whether staying overnight the day before is a good option.

  1. Look around the area

Once you are in the new spot, look around the area and plan what angles to take, what focal point to choose and even what camera setting is best to use. If you need to get up a little bit, then go ahead and make a climb. Or if you need to get down low, then do it as well. Think creative and unique. You can find more creative shots from the website of Boutique Wedding Films.

  1. Shoot in the golden hours

Getting the best natural light can definitely make your landscape photos look marvelous. By learning how to capture the right or ample light, you can produce more vibrant, terrific landscape shoots. Most professional photographers like wedding photographer cambridgeshire still look up to the old but powerful tip of shooting during the golden hours. The golden hour refers to the first hour after the sun comes out and the hour before the sun goes down. A beautiful glow is given out by the sun thus landscapes appear more spectacular.

  1. Bring a tripod and a remote release

A tripod is close to a landscape photographer’s heart. This essential tool provides stability to your camera so there will be no camera shakes and you don’t have to carry your heavy DSLR all the time. You can compose and plan the shots well if you don’t have to always carry your DSLR. Tripods can be adjusted to different low and high levels for more creative shots. A remote release also comes in handy so you don’t have to move or click the camera, you can just press the remote release to take a shot.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Yes it is easier to learn and shot in jpeg but then it is better to shoot in RAW if you want to have a better control of the final image during post production. Just allocate time to study and master how to shoot in RAW because this can definitely help you get better landscape photos.

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