How to Become a Skilled Street Photographer

street photography tipsAll forms of photography have different set of challenges that photographers need to go through. Being able to overcome these challenges can make one better in his chosen field.

Among the most challenging but fun form of photography is street photography. Street photography involves random photographing people and scenes happening on the street, at the park and in other settings. It is not only limited to the streets but it goes beyond it. The main goal in street photography is to show real people, real situations in their natural setting.

Street photography may sound easy and can be done by anybody. But then, in reality, it takes hard word and perseverance to be good at producing street photos. If you want to be good at it, then here are some tips and suggestions on how to become a skilled street photographer.

  1. Observe people

Street photography gives focus on people and happenings. It is important for a beginner photographer to be observant and take notice of people’s behaviors, their languages as well as their facial expressions. Study how people react and act to different situations and learn to anticipate on what will happen so you can right away capture the fleeting moments. Our wedding photographer Hertfordshire agrees that being observant is important in street photography.

  1. Study your camera settings

Photographers differ in their choice of cameras. Some use lightweight and simple point and shoot cameras while others prefer mirrorless or the more advanced DSLR cameras. Whatever your camera is, it is important for you to know how the dials, buttons, controls and functions work. If you are using a DSLR, there are more settings as well as shooting modes that you must learn how to use.

Remember though that in street photography, an observant eye and a fast camera are important. Hence, it is best to shoot with a fast shutter speed to capture action. At times, when you want to show or emphasize the movement, then you can adjust your settings and go for a slower shutter speed to capture movement.

  1. Travel light

In street photography, you will be mostly walking around in your chosen area or location. If you want to avoid getting a painful back and shoulder at the end of each shooting day, it is important to consider traveling light. Bring only one camera with a strap and one lens. You can either put them inside a small camera bag of just attach the lens to your camera and let your camera hung on your shoulders. The recommended lens is a 35 or 50mm wide angle prime lens or any prime lens. A prime lens is shooting portraits or scenes nearby and even this surrey wedding photographer uses this for couple wedding portraits.

  1. Be confident but polite

Yes, street photographers usually take pictures discreetly or without the knowledge of their chosen subject. They want to avoid being confronted by anybody. But then, it is fine to sometimes shoot even when your subject noticed what you are doing. The closer you are to your subject, the better pictures you can get. If he/gets mad, then politely explain what you are doing. Show confidence and assure people that you have no bad intentions.

  1. Practice endlessly

Shoot pictures as often as possible. Try different locations, places, and angles. Learn to anticipate moments and even stalk some interesting personalities if you have to. Keep in mind though that you are doing it for work and not hurt anybody’s feelings or reputation.

You can always learn something new every time you shoot and in time you will become a skilled street photographer that will be admired by many.

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