How Should I Prepare for Wedding Vendor Meetings?

 wedding vendor meetingsAfter the enthralling engagement, it is now time for you to start planning for your wedding. There are many things you have to work on so it is best to start early. Among the tasks that require your attention is choosing the wedding vendors. Wedding vendors like a wedding florist, photographer and caterer are the people you need to meet and deal with. You have to find the right one for each service category you need.

Selecting wedding vendors won’t be easy but with the help of a wedding planner and of course your family, choosing the right wedding service providers might be less difficult. You just need to meet with each of them face-to-face so you can assess well how good or not they are. There are many vendors who will offer their products or service and it can be confusing whom to hire. You need some guidance from a wedding planner or event expert.

Before the scheduled vendor meetings, there are things you need to do in order to be prepared for such. Below are some tips on how you must prepare for your wedding vendor meetings.

  1. Determine your wedding budget

Before you start searching for wedding vendors, it is advisable for you and your partner to determine first how much is your wedding budget. List the important wedding supplies or services you need and divide your budget to get an estimate on how much you can spend for each service or wedding item.

  1. Decide on what you want and what you expect

Think about what you and your future spouse like and dislike. You can base your choices on what kind of personalities you have. If you like it simple, then go ahead and choose the classic or minimalist style – white flowers, traditional wedding dress and similar stuff. You have to set on what you are looking for in a particular service or item so it will be easier to relay on the vendor the style you want and the things you expect.

  1. Do a background check about the wedding vendor

Since there are a lot of wedding vendors out there, do a background check first on which ones are worth meeting with. Did the wedding photographer take photography courses to gain more knowledge or skills? How long has the caterer been in the food business? Check their websites as well as forums to know if there are any complaints about their services. If possible, get in touch with past clients and ask them about the services of the vendor as well as their experience with him/her.

  1. Prepare a timeline

Preparing a timeline of the things you need to get done for the wedding is important. You have to list what you need to complete in a month’s time, within the next 6 months, months before the wedding and so on. Are you hoping to find the right venue in a month’s time? Do you aim to get a wedding photographer 6 months before your wedding? Share this timeline with each potential wedding vendor and ask if it possible for him/her to deliver what you need within a specific time frame.

  1. Make a list of questions

Prepare a list of generic as well as specific questions for wedding vendors before the scheduled meeting. This list must contain all questions you need answers for. Start with the most important question: Are you available on our preferred wedding date? If the wedding vendor is not available, then it would be useless to ask the other questions you have listed. You can also ask this question over the phone before setting an appointment so you don’t have to interview a vendor who is not available on your wedding date.

Requesting for a price quotation before a meeting can also help you prepare for your vendor meeting. You can negotiate better if you have an idea of their rates.

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