Does My Wedding Photographer Need To Have Professional Qualifications?

You know at the club, many of our members are often asked if they will photograph a wedding – personally I shudder at the thought of it – but for very good reasons.  So I thought I would write this guide for anyone in the club to refer their friends to if they ever ask you to photograph their wedding.

For a lot of people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that they would like to immortalise in their wedding photography. Unfortunately, most couples make the mistake of trusting a friend, a colleague, or their favourite ‘Uncle Bob’ to snap their wedding photographs. A common question that most couples ask is: Does my wedding photographer need to have professional qualifications? The truth is that wedding photography requires more than just a high quality camera. It is important to hire a person who actually knows how to use the camera and who has experience in taking wedding photographs. The following are some of the reasons why all couples should hire professional wedding photographers to take pictures of their wedding:


A professional wedding photographer has a lot of experience on wedding photography. This experience will give them foresight, and they will be well-prepared for the big day. For example, they will have all the equipment necessary for different types of lighting. They are familiar with wedding preparations, and they will be ready to take the necessary photographs at all the different stages of the wedding. Their experience will also enable them to prepare for emergencies, and they can deal with issues immediately after they arise. They have experience in shooting at different angles and in shooting fleeting wedding moments. This will assure the couple that their wedding pictures will be perfect.

Study and training

A professional photographer may have the same passion as Uncle Joe or any of the couple’s friends, but they will also have enough training and study to do a perfect job. There are a lot of skills that can only be acquired through training. The professional photographer will have knowledge on lighting scenes. They will have knowledge on advanced lens focus techniques. They will also have adequate knowledge on shooting angles, and they will know where to stand in order to get the perfect angle.

Energy to work non-stop

Unlike friends or relatives, the wedding photographer is not a guest at the wedding. They will not stop to chat with friends and catch up with colleagues. They are professionals at the wedding who are simply there to work. They will therefore spend 12 – 18 hours behind the camera in order to capture every memorable moment as it happens. They are familiar with wedding photography, and they are always prepared to work non-stop throughout the day in order to capture the best pictures.

Professional editing

Wedding photographs need to be perfect, and sometimes, a little editing is necessary. Furthermore, editing can help to create unique pictures that follow a certain theme. Professional photographers are always familiar with how to properly edit the photographs so that they are perfect. During the post-processing stage, the professional photographer can edit the photos so that they appear vintage, soft and pastel, or very clean. They will professionally edit the photos so as to ensure that the couple is happy with the results.

Wedding Photographers we can recommend

Obviously a few of the committee members are already married and I asked them if they had any particular recommendations. Tom Fletcher suggests that if your are looking for a documentary wedding photographer, then look no further than Alicia Dunlop.  Our most recent bride on the committee Gillian Thompson wanted something a bit more traditional – she used Surrey Wedding Photographer Carl Glancey.

Here’s a video I found online showcasing Alicia’s work:-


Couples should never compromise on the quality of their wedding pictures. A wedding photographer will ensure that the work is perfect, and that the couple can have memorable and beautiful reminders of their special day. Therefore, though most wedding photographers are quite expensive, they are worth the investment as the couple will get high quality pictures of their big day.


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