Careers to Pursue in Photography

With the growth of the technology in digital photography, as well as the sales of digital cameras and other digital photography products, many are enticed to consider a career in photography, digital photography to be precise. Fortunately, there are many opportunities available for a budding photographer to get into. Check out some of them here:
News photographer or photojournalist – News photographers or photojournalists specialize in taking photos of the latest events happening in different parts of the world as they happen as a way to help tell the news better to the readers through images that would capture the public eye, so to speak. As such, photojournalists would often travel to the site where the news is happening. News photographers oftentimes are employed in a local bureau of a newspaper or a news agency like Reuters and Associated Press.
Portrait photographer – Portrait photographers deal with taking portrait shots of people who are usually their clients. These portraits can come in many forms- it could be formal or informal, a single or a group portrait. Whatever form the portrait will be, the photographer must ensure the person or persons in the portrait would look their best for posterity’s sake.

Wedding photographer – Wedding photographers are the ones who are tapped to cover weddings. They make sure, every moment of the wedding is documented beautifully from the preparations to the ceremony to the reception. Most wedding photographers today possess skills and traits belonging to both photojournalists and portrait photographers. Also, wedding photographers like Wedding Photography Hampshire are the most highly sought after talents all year round with the number of weddings being celebrated each year.

Fashion photographer – Fashion photographers are the ones who go to studio or location model pictorials, fashion events and other red carpet type events where fashion is an important element. As a fashion photographer, you have the unenviable job of making sure the people in the fashion show or the people attending the red carpet would look good on camera, with little to no post editing work to be done. They are usually employed by the event hosts or by sites and publications that deal with fashion.
Commercial photographer – Commercial photographers are usually hired to take photos of the client’s product or service which would be used for advertising or marketing campaigns and other possible commercial use. Commercial photographers aim to make the product or service look more appealing through their photographs. It is in a way an extension of the marketing being done on the product or service itself, though photographers need not have prior knowledge in marketing or advertising but rather be able to take good photographs.
Sports photographer – In a way, sports photographers are like news photographers such that they aim to cover current events as they happen, in this case sporting events, and are employed by newspapers and news bureaus. Sports photographers are more diverse that they are not relegated usually to one sporting event and may be assigned to do various events if needed. Also, they need to have a keen eye and the right gear to cover every action of the players and the drama along with it to create captivating photos in the process that would properly convey the tense and lively atmosphere these sporting events brings.

Art photographer – Art photographers are the artistic kind of photographers who capture photos in a more artistic light and every output they make is considered a work of art. They usually take photos that have underlying themes or interesting elements in place that normal photography would tend to overlook. As such, the works of art photographers can be found on display in art galleries and studios, a number of them being sold as artworks.
Scientific photographer – Scientific photographers are the more specialized type. Their photos aim to educate and showcase knowledge and discoveries, whether it may be about a new species or something about the galaxy. Normally, they are employed by educational institutions devoted to science, as well as scientific bodies, which may be further subdivided into scientific branches like astronomy, biology, and geology, among others.

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