Capture Stunning Pre-Wedding Photos

An originally Asian innovation in wedding photography is slowly making waves in other parts of the world as an emerging trend in wedding photography. And that is the pre-wedding photo session.

While pre-wedding photo shoots are not that uncommon, what makes the Asian pre wedding photo session unique and special is the amount of creativity put into these sessions, ranging for the casual to the more adventurous.

In some cases, some couples are more mindful of how the photos of the pre-wedding would turn out compared to the photos of the wedding itself.

Thus, it is important to know how can a photographer like a wedding photographer hull could be able to capture the beauty expressed in photos.

  1. Ask questions to the couple

A photographer should first discuss with the couple before as to what they want or what they would like to have for the pre-wedding photo shoot. This would let you get to know the couple better as to their personalities and if their chosen theme (if any) would fit them and for you to be able to have a better idea as to how to approach that particular photo shoot you will be doing.

  1. Selecting the theme and concept

The selection of an appropriate theme will help define your pre-wedding photo shoot work. Sometimes, couples have their ideas but it would be your job to make those ideas come alive and make that smooth transition from idea to reality in photos and video (if any), with a strong impression and unique concept to boot. The theme can be anything: it could be based on the couple’s love story or it could be a theme based on the interests of the couple. Whatever the case, it has to be creative to create a good and lasting impression with the help of the photographer who will provide technical feedback.


  1. Time of photo session

The timing of the shooting is also one of the most important thing to consider in the photoshoot. For one, never do the pre-wedding photo session with a narrow interval from the wedding day. 1-2 months prior the wedding will be ideal.

Also remember the so called “golden hour” for outdoor portrait photography, which is either 6-9 am or afternoon at 4pm till 5 or 6 pm, an hour before the sun goes down. This is to get a soft natural light that would make your photos look awesome.

  1. Location

There are many photos looks beautiful due to its location. Although in reality that location is not so special, if the concept and location complement each other, a unique pre-wedding photo can be created. It is better to choose a location adapted to the agreed concept, not just because that location looks beautiful. Don’t forget to adjust the outfits to be worn as well.

  1. Make-up

Make-up is another important element in pre-wedding photos. Not only does it make your subjects look more attractive, make-up can also be used to reinforce certain concepts, especially in relation to the theme of the photo shoot. A photographer who was specifically for pre-wedding photos should know exactly what make-up is most suitable for certain concept. Working with a make-up artist during the shoot is highly recommended in this case.


  1. Costume

Using the right costume can give more interesting results on a photograph. With that said, the costume you would use should be according to the theme, the location and the physique of the model, especially if the model does not have his/her own costume that would be used.

  1. Property or supporting Element

Don’t ignore the property, because property plays an important role in generating unique pre-wedding photos. For example using some food on a picnic-themed photo. Chairs and sofa gives the impression of casual and elegant. Property used in a photo session should be considered carefully when developing the concept and theme of the photo. You can use some simple stuffs to save costs.


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