8 Top Tips in Capturing Perfect Portraits

portrait photography tipsA lot of us take pictures of our family, our friends and ourselves on a daily basis. We love to capture not only the beauty of our chosen subject but also his/ her emotions and expressions. A portrait tells a lot about the subject in it. It can even reflect the personality or mood of person thus making portrait photography exciting and amusing.

There is a certain thrill that portrait photographers feel when shooting pictures of their subjects or models. This kind of thrill elevates further when they are able to produce awe-inspiring, realistic images. These brilliant portraits make people gasp in awe at how the picture looks genuine and lifelike.

Capturing perfect portraits is not that easy though. You can’t just buy a DSLR camera and expect to right away produce marvellous portraits. A photographer needs to learn the right way to take portrait shots. Portrait photographers need to study and practice until they get the skills necessary to get the perfect shots. There are also tips and techniques that can help newbies learn the art of portrait photography and capture perfect portraits.

  1. Study your subject

You might find this tip unnecessary but then it is INDEED necessary. You must to get to know your subject in order to plan on what location and type of shots are ideal for him or her. You have to consider the favorite place, work, hobbies and personality of your subject when planning for the photo shoot.

  1. Remove the clutter in the background

Portrait shots are intended to focus on the beauty of a person or group of people. If you take pictures of your subject in a cluttered background then it is most likely that the attention will be diverted from the person to an object that is photo bombing the whole image. Always check the scene or background before clicking on your camera to avoid ruining the portrait.

  1. Give emphasis to the eyes

Plenty of portrait shots look marvelous because of how the eyes of the subject look. A pair of eyes that show emotions will surely make a portrait look realistic and breathtaking. As they say, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and so by giving emphasis to the eyes, you can convey a message to the viewers of the picture.

  1. Choose a location that suits your subject

A location or setting tells a lot about what the portrait shoot is all about. It can show what your subject loves to do, what he/she is like as a person or even what he/she feels at the moment. Ask you client as to what the purpose of the shoot is so you can carefully choose the location for the portrait shoot. For formal wedding portraits, you can get ideas from the website of this cheshire wedding photographer.

  1. Learn how to enhance images 

With the advent of digital photography, a lot of programs aimed to help professional photographers improve their pictures also came out. No matter how skilled or experience you are, there are instance that your capture image looks good but with a slight flaw and you would like this flaw to be removed. By learning how to use an image-editing program like Photoshop, you can make your subject look more beautiful and the overall image look astounding.

  1. Make use of spot metering

There are instance that you don’t feel the need to set your camera to manual control when choosing the correct exposure, you can use spot metering to do the job for you. Spot metering works by using a camera meter on your subject’s face and carefully choose the correct exposure. This is sometimes better than manually changing it.

  1. Familiarize your gear

Once you get your hands on your DSLR camera, find time to study the settings and features of your unit. You can get the most out of your camera if you don’t try to familiarize the controls and dials. Even wedding photographers like our surrey wedding photographer make it a point to study every new gear they buy.

  1. Practice and prepare

Practice as often as you can especially during your free time. You can have some of your friends serve as your models or you can hire real models to practice on your portrait shots. With constant practice, you can gain more photography skills and become better in what you do.

It is important for you to be always prepared for all the portrait shoots you will work on no matter how big or small it is. Never take a photo shoot for granted because in every shoot you can learn something new.

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