6 Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

wedding photographyAre you currently planning your wedding and looking for a wedding venue? Are you interested to have a beach wedding but hesitant on whether it will work? Well, fear not, a beach wedding can be a nice option for engaged couples as long as necessary preparations are made.

Unlike traditional weddings that are held indoors, beach weddings are usually held outdoors by the beach. Most call it a destination wedding since couples and guests often need to travel to get there.

Now, what’s good about beach wedding? Why can it be a better choice than a traditional wedding?

  1. Relaxing like a vacation

The relaxing and romantic ambience of the beach makes you feel like you are on a vacation. What makes it even better is that you get to spend it with family and friends who are dear to your heart. It is like having a wedding and a vacation rolled into one.

  1. It can be economical

A beach wedding can cost you less depending of course on your choice of venue. Most beach weddings though are cheaper than traditional ones. With a beach wedding, you can invite fewer people, save on cost of decors and even on clothes. An outdoor wedding won’t require too many flowers and other decors.

All you have to do is to put up few tents, chairs and some flowers for the occasion depending on your wedding coordinator if you have one.

  1. A simple wedding gown will suffice

Goodbye long and heavy gown, the bride can wear a simple, lightweight gown instead. The groom can also choose lightweight clothes and you can tell you guests to do the same. It will surely be a relaxing and more comfortable day to everyone. Wedding photographer Buckinghamshire noticed how guests in a beach wedding look more relaxed in wedding photos.

  1. Beach is great for photography

Beach wedding is considered the best place to have wedding photo especially when scheduled late in the afternoon. The light is just right unlike with indoor weddings where sometimes light is insufficient which can affect the quality of wedding photos. Of course, you still need to hire a reliable professional wedding photographer who knows how to handle the light and produce great wedding photos.

  1. Wedding is more intimate and exclusive

A beach wedding is often considered a destination wedding when held in a different town or city. When done in a far place, the tendency is that you only invite the closest friends and relatives. This makes your wedding more intimate and “exclusive” so the bonding will be greater.

  1. Wedding and honeymoon in one

The beach wedding venue can also be your place of honeymoon. You can stay there for a few more days after the wedding. You don’t have to travel to another place. You can spend time more productively with your spouse in the same resort. Moreover, you can save money by having your honeymoon in the same location. Visit http://tonycullinanephotography.com/ to get ideas on what locations are good for both wedding and honeymoon.

If your mind is fixed on having a beach wedding, then go ahead and start preparing for it. You need a checklist of tasks to do so you don’t forget anything. Backup plans should also be in place in case of any weather disturbance.


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