How to Make Your Outdoor Photo Shoots Successful

outdoor photo shootThere is no denying that all professional photographers want to produce brilliant images of their chosen subjects. They want their viewers to find their captured images wonderful, real and striking. Further, they wish for the photo shoots they conduct to be always successful so their clients will feel satisfied with their work.

Photography is not that easy though, given that it is a broad subject to learn, it will definitely take time for one to be great at it. But of course, anything is possible with hard work and determination. Beginners might find it difficult at first to take perfect shoots of their subject but through study and practice, they will eventually get a grasp on how it is best done.

If you are a newbie photographer who loves shooting outdoors and want to be successful in handling outdoor photo shoots, then there are different tips and techniques you can do to make your outdoor pictorials a success.

  1. Get to know your subject

You should expect that your subjects or models have different personalities. Some are easy to get along with while others maybe unruly or somehow difficult to handle. Since each of them is unique, you need to know what ticks them, what they like or dislike or other info that might help you plan for the shoot.

  1. Mix and experiment with shots

Do not stick with the conventional or common types of shots. Try to produce a mixture of candid, posed, artistic or other more unique images. Shoot from different angles and make use of various lenses and accessories that you have.

  1. Familiarize the shooting modes of your camera

Cameras have different shooting modes that are best used for specific type of shots. Learn how and when to use Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program Mode and other shooting modes available in your camera. Practice using each mode so you will understand them better. Do not forget to familiarize also the controls and dials of your camera so you are ready for any kind of outdoor shoot that your client wants.

  1. Adjust exposure depending on light available

There are times that the light outside is too bright and you will need to underexpose the image so it will look better. On the other hand, there maybe instances when the light is not enough so you will have to again adjust your exposure, overexpose your image or raise the ISO level of your camera. You will have to understand how and when you need to change the exposure setting on your camera.

  1. Make use of a wide angle lens

A wide-angle lens is one of the lenses that an outdoor photographer will never miss bringing to a photo shoot. This kind of lens can help you achieve an image that has the right shallow depth of field. It can give focus on the main subject and slightly give a natural blur to the background. If you will often take outdoor portraits, then you must buy a wide-angle lens.

There are many other tips you can follow to make your outdoor photo shoots successful. You can visit the websites of this photographer for more ideas and techniques on how to brilliant outdoor shots.

What Do I Look For In A Video-Capable Camera?

With today’s technological innovations, we are now seeing devices that can do a lot more than what they previously could do. Take the case of the cameras today that are not only capable of taking pictures but can also take videos as well.

Thus, many consumers, especially professionals like Alan Hutchison, are not only looking at image quality when they are shopping for digital cameras but now, even video quality as well. But while are all pretty much capable of shooting high definition video, they pretty much differ with the internals of their video functionality. Something we will discuss here in a bit more detail.

man-736846_1280 (1)


To be specific, the most important feature to check out in the camera is its sensor size. Simply put, the sensor size affects the camera’s video capabilities, particularly in the elements of depth of field, field of view, light sensibility, and even the lenses available. We shall take a look at each element and how the sensor plays an important factor.

Field of View

Field of view provides how your subject is viewed at a given distance. In general, larger sensors provide a wide view of the subject compared to smaller sensors which only capture a portion of that wide view the large sensors captured.

Depth of Field

Depth of field determines how sharp the subject and/or the background would look in the video. This is the element at play in films and TV shows where we see the subject is in focus but the background behind the subject is blurred, which is an example of a shallow depth of field.

What does sensor size have to do with it? Well if you would like to have such effect on your video, this is achieved if your camera has a large sensor, like a full-frame sensor for instance. Smaller sensors have a bit more difficulty achieving such effects.

Light Sensitivity

Larger sensors are more sensitive to light, which brings out more vivid detail in photos, as well as in videos. This is very important when it comes to shooting videos in low light environments.


Another important feature to check in the camera is the video resolution. If you are looking into shooting a lot of videos in your camera, then your camera should be capable of shooting high definition videos. At the very least, the camera should support at least a 1080p resolution for video. And if you’re looking something with better quality or something cinema-like in video quality, consider checking out cameras capable of shooting 4K video resolution, which is the highest video quality available today.

videographer-698667_1280 (1)


While sensor size and video resolution play a significant role in the camera’s video capability, there are a number of important features to consider as well which may be crucial for your videography needs.

ISO Range

Some cameras like prosumers, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras offer a choice to change your camera’s ISO settings. In this case, it is important to check out is the ISO range of the camera. The more ISO selections available provide for more choices in tweaking the light sensitivity of the camera to create more satisfactory quality in the video.

Record Length

A number of cameras have a limit as to how many minutes of video you can record in a single shot. That’s something to consider if you would need to record an hour long video for instance.

Focus Assist

Some cameras offer this handy feature to help your camera keep focus on the subject with less to no loss in video quality.

Flip out Screen

This is very helpful for you to be able to do low shots or the subject to be able to see himself/herself as to how he/she would appear in the camera.

Slow Motion

Some cameras offer slow motion feature that allows you to capture slow motion videos during production


Depending on the camera you’re considering for video, you may or may not be able to change lenses of the camera. And if you’re looking into doing more extensive videography, that would play an important factor. With that said, point-and-shoot and other cameras that won’t let you change its lens may not be suited for those looking into doing more advanced video work. You may have to go with mirrorless or DSLR cameras to do the job instead.

8 Top Tips in Capturing Perfect Portraits

portrait photography tipsA lot of us take pictures of our family, our friends and ourselves on a daily basis. We love to capture not only the beauty of our chosen subject but also his/ her emotions and expressions. A portrait tells a lot about the subject in it. It can even reflect the personality or mood of person thus making portrait photography exciting and amusing.

There is a certain thrill that portrait photographers feel when shooting pictures of their subjects or models. This kind of thrill elevates further when they are able to produce awe-inspiring, realistic images. These brilliant portraits make people gasp in awe at how the picture looks genuine and lifelike.

Capturing perfect portraits is not that easy though. You can’t just buy a DSLR camera and expect to right away produce marvellous portraits. A photographer needs to learn the right way to take portrait shots. Portrait photographers need to study and practice until they get the skills necessary to get the perfect shots. There are also tips and techniques that can help newbies learn the art of portrait photography and capture perfect portraits.

  1. Study your subject

You might find this tip unnecessary but then it is INDEED necessary. You must to get to know your subject in order to plan on what location and type of shots are ideal for him or her. You have to consider the favorite place, work, hobbies and personality of your subject when planning for the photo shoot.

  1. Remove the clutter in the background

Portrait shots are intended to focus on the beauty of a person or group of people. If you take pictures of your subject in a cluttered background then it is most likely that the attention will be diverted from the person to an object that is photo bombing the whole image. Always check the scene or background before clicking on your camera to avoid ruining the portrait.

  1. Give emphasis to the eyes

Plenty of portrait shots look marvelous because of how the eyes of the subject look. A pair of eyes that show emotions will surely make a portrait look realistic and breathtaking. As they say, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and so by giving emphasis to the eyes, you can convey a message to the viewers of the picture.

  1. Choose a location that suits your subject

A location or setting tells a lot about what the portrait shoot is all about. It can show what your subject loves to do, what he/she is like as a person or even what he/she feels at the moment. Ask you client as to what the purpose of the shoot is so you can carefully choose the location for the portrait shoot. For formal wedding portraits, you can get ideas from the website of this cheshire wedding photographer.

  1. Learn how to enhance images 

With the advent of digital photography, a lot of programs aimed to help professional photographers improve their pictures also came out. No matter how skilled or experience you are, there are instance that your capture image looks good but with a slight flaw and you would like this flaw to be removed. By learning how to use an image-editing program like Photoshop, you can make your subject look more beautiful and the overall image look astounding.

  1. Make use of spot metering

There are instance that you don’t feel the need to set your camera to manual control when choosing the correct exposure, you can use spot metering to do the job for you. Spot metering works by using a camera meter on your subject’s face and carefully choose the correct exposure. This is sometimes better than manually changing it.

  1. Familiarize your gear

Once you get your hands on your DSLR camera, find time to study the settings and features of your unit. You can get the most out of your camera if you don’t try to familiarize the controls and dials. Even wedding photographers like our surrey wedding photographer make it a point to study every new gear they buy.

  1. Practice and prepare

Practice as often as you can especially during your free time. You can have some of your friends serve as your models or you can hire real models to practice on your portrait shots. With constant practice, you can gain more photography skills and become better in what you do.

It is important for you to be always prepared for all the portrait shoots you will work on no matter how big or small it is. Never take a photo shoot for granted because in every shoot you can learn something new.

Careers to Pursue in Photography

With the growth of the technology in digital photography, as well as the sales of digital cameras and other digital photography products, many are enticed to consider a career in photography, digital photography to be precise. Fortunately, there are many opportunities available for a budding photographer to get into. Check out some of them here:
News photographer or photojournalist – News photographers or photojournalists specialize in taking photos of the latest events happening in different parts of the world as they happen as a way to help tell the news better to the readers through images that would capture the public eye, so to speak. As such, photojournalists would often travel to the site where the news is happening. News photographers oftentimes are employed in a local bureau of a newspaper or a news agency like Reuters and Associated Press.
Portrait photographer – Portrait photographers deal with taking portrait shots of people who are usually their clients. These portraits can come in many forms- it could be formal or informal, a single or a group portrait. Whatever form the portrait will be, the photographer must ensure the person or persons in the portrait would look their best for posterity’s sake.

Wedding photographer – Wedding photographers are the ones who are tapped to cover weddings. They make sure, every moment of the wedding is documented beautifully from the preparations to the ceremony to the reception. Most wedding photographers today possess skills and traits belonging to both photojournalists and portrait photographers. Also, wedding photographers like Wedding Photography Hampshire are the most highly sought after talents all year round with the number of weddings being celebrated each year.

Fashion photographer – Fashion photographers are the ones who go to studio or location model pictorials, fashion events and other red carpet type events where fashion is an important element. As a fashion photographer, you have the unenviable job of making sure the people in the fashion show or the people attending the red carpet would look good on camera, with little to no post editing work to be done. They are usually employed by the event hosts or by sites and publications that deal with fashion.
Commercial photographer – Commercial photographers are usually hired to take photos of the client’s product or service which would be used for advertising or marketing campaigns and other possible commercial use. Commercial photographers aim to make the product or service look more appealing through their photographs. It is in a way an extension of the marketing being done on the product or service itself, though photographers need not have prior knowledge in marketing or advertising but rather be able to take good photographs.
Sports photographer – In a way, sports photographers are like news photographers such that they aim to cover current events as they happen, in this case sporting events, and are employed by newspapers and news bureaus. Sports photographers are more diverse that they are not relegated usually to one sporting event and may be assigned to do various events if needed. Also, they need to have a keen eye and the right gear to cover every action of the players and the drama along with it to create captivating photos in the process that would properly convey the tense and lively atmosphere these sporting events brings.

Art photographer – Art photographers are the artistic kind of photographers who capture photos in a more artistic light and every output they make is considered a work of art. They usually take photos that have underlying themes or interesting elements in place that normal photography would tend to overlook. As such, the works of art photographers can be found on display in art galleries and studios, a number of them being sold as artworks.
Scientific photographer – Scientific photographers are the more specialized type. Their photos aim to educate and showcase knowledge and discoveries, whether it may be about a new species or something about the galaxy. Normally, they are employed by educational institutions devoted to science, as well as scientific bodies, which may be further subdivided into scientific branches like astronomy, biology, and geology, among others.

Why Choosing the Right Camera Lenses Is Important

camera lensPhotography is a very broad subject which can be divided in many categories and sub-categories. There are a lot of things you must know in order to really say that you are a master in photography. Even professional photographers are continuously learning and in every photo session they work, they learn something new.

Lenses for Each Type

Amateur photographers are desire to get into professional photography will need to choose what type of photography to specialize in. The choice usually depends on what they love shooting. Those who are mesmerized by the beauty of nature and often take nature shots choose landscape photography. On the other hand, those who love taking pictures during weddings can go for wedding photography. There are certainly various types of photography that one can choose from and with each type of photography, certain equipment are also necessary to get the desired shot.

Apart from the DSLR camera (which is the most popular today), the lenses that we use for our DSLR camera also plays a huge part in making us capture the kind of shot we want. There are lenses that are best used for a particular shot. Say for example if you are taking pictures of the wedding venue, the best lens to use is a wide-angle lens. When shooting wedding items like the wedding rings, a macro lens is the suitable lens to use.

Make or Break with a Camera Lens

There’s no denying that lenses are very important in making your images look awesome or ruining them. Your camera body will be useless if you don’t buy the ideal camera lens for your type of photography.  Now, how should you choose a camera lens to buy? How will you know if the camera lens is right for your needs or purpose?

Choosing a camera lens

If you are still planning to buy a camera body, then you can try to check out the different products offered in the market today. Some cameras come in a kit with 1 or 2 lenses in it. Know ahead what type of lenses comes with the kit and if you find this appropriate for your type of photography then go ahead and buy it. This is a good start until you eventually have money to buy higher-end or special lenses.

There are many websites owned by professional photographers wherein you can get valuable information on what lenses are best for each type of photography. A good example is the website of this wedding photographer york. Find time to research before buying lenses so you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money into something not useful or worthwhile.

Remember that the focal length of the lens (in mm) can produce different kinds of shots.  The higher the number of the lens focal length, the longer it can zoom. Lenses with lower numbers are best for wider shots like in taking group shots during weddings or when shooting the wedding venue or an entire landscape.

By carefully choosing the right camera lens, you will be assured of producing images that you and your clients will be delighted to see. They will be satisfied with the final images you delivered.

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

weddingsPlanning a wedding can be stressful for engaged couples. They need to decide on many things, schedule appointments, look for suppliers and set the budget. There are just too many preparations to make and this can cause stress and confusion to couples. A good solution to this is to hire a wedding planner.

Less stressful

A wedding planner is basically an individual who assists soon-to-be wed couples in planning for their wedding. He/she can take away the stress that comes from organizing every single detail and also thinking of what needs to be done for the wedding. Planning can also take a lot of time but with a wedding planner, you can spend less time for the wedding and still continue with your everyday routine.

More ideas from experts

Some couples think that hiring a wedding planner won’t be necessary since they have friends and relatives who can help them prepare. Yes indeed your friends or relatives might be there to help you but then they are not as experienced as wedding planners are. Your friends haven’t handled plenty of weddings so they don’t really have that experience and knowledge on what works and doesn’t work in a wedding.

Wedding planners, in general, are also creative and can give you suggestions on what theme to choose for your wedding. They can provide on how to make your wedding more personalized and different from others.

Schedule appointments

A wedding planner can schedule appointments for you and can guide you on which wedding vendor to choose. An experienced wedding planner already knows who among the wedding vendors and professionals are trustworthy. You can get connected with several reliable staffordshire wedding photographers. You won’t be fooled into getting the services of someone who can’t deliver the services or products you expected. Moreover, the wedding planner can handle the necessary shop visits to vendors or the canvassing of products so you don’t have to take a leave from work.

Through experience, a wedding planner already knows how to create the right schedule that works well in a wedding. She can estimate how much time is needed for the wedding preparations, how many minutes the wedding ceremony will run and what time is best for the wedding portrait pictorial among many others.

Make necessary calls

A wedding planner can also arrange the wedding rehearsal if you want one. He/she can contact everyone in your entourage and schedule the most appropriate time. Wedding planners can also connect you with a great designer who can make your wedding dress (bride) or suit (groom) as well as outfits for your entourage. He/she can also make final decisions on your behalf and with your permission of course.

With a wedding planner you can save time and with less effort. You can spend time instead in preparing yourself so you will totally look great for your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is not really expensive. You can surely afford to get one without running your pocket. You can have more fun during the wedding since you don’t have to worry on a lot of things. You have someone to support and back you up.

6 Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

wedding photographyAre you currently planning your wedding and looking for a wedding venue? Are you interested to have a beach wedding but hesitant on whether it will work? Well, fear not, a beach wedding can be a nice option for engaged couples as long as necessary preparations are made.

Unlike traditional weddings that are held indoors, beach weddings are usually held outdoors by the beach. Most call it a destination wedding since couples and guests often need to travel to get there.

Now, what’s good about beach wedding? Why can it be a better choice than a traditional wedding?

  1. Relaxing like a vacation

The relaxing and romantic ambience of the beach makes you feel like you are on a vacation. What makes it even better is that you get to spend it with family and friends who are dear to your heart. It is like having a wedding and a vacation rolled into one.

  1. It can be economical

A beach wedding can cost you less depending of course on your choice of venue. Most beach weddings though are cheaper than traditional ones. With a beach wedding, you can invite fewer people, save on cost of decors and even on clothes. An outdoor wedding won’t require too many flowers and other decors.

All you have to do is to put up few tents, chairs and some flowers for the occasion depending on your wedding coordinator if you have one.

  1. A simple wedding gown will suffice

Goodbye long and heavy gown, the bride can wear a simple, lightweight gown instead. The groom can also choose lightweight clothes and you can tell you guests to do the same. It will surely be a relaxing and more comfortable day to everyone. Wedding photographer Buckinghamshire noticed how guests in a beach wedding look more relaxed in wedding photos.

  1. Beach is great for photography

Beach wedding is considered the best place to have wedding photo especially when scheduled late in the afternoon. The light is just right unlike with indoor weddings where sometimes light is insufficient which can affect the quality of wedding photos. Of course, you still need to hire a reliable professional wedding photographer who knows how to handle the light and produce great wedding photos.

  1. Wedding is more intimate and exclusive

A beach wedding is often considered a destination wedding when held in a different town or city. When done in a far place, the tendency is that you only invite the closest friends and relatives. This makes your wedding more intimate and “exclusive” so the bonding will be greater.

  1. Wedding and honeymoon in one

The beach wedding venue can also be your place of honeymoon. You can stay there for a few more days after the wedding. You don’t have to travel to another place. You can spend time more productively with your spouse in the same resort. Moreover, you can save money by having your honeymoon in the same location. Visit to get ideas on what locations are good for both wedding and honeymoon.

If your mind is fixed on having a beach wedding, then go ahead and start preparing for it. You need a checklist of tasks to do so you don’t forget anything. Backup plans should also be in place in case of any weather disturbance.


How to Take Perfect Landscape Shots

landscape photographySeeing wonderful images of nature in the form of painting and photographs makes us appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. These marvelous representations give us so much delight, joy and a feeling of serenity. When we go outdoors for a hike up the mountains or go for a swim in a calm beach, we feel the urge to capture its beauty and we tend to pull out our camera to take a shot. We surely wouldn’t miss that fleeting moment.

For sure, most of you who go on a trip ever so often always bring with a DSLR or even a smartphone to photograph the beautiful things you see. There are some of us who want to take perfect landscape shots and wish to be able to do it like a pro. Others get serious and really study photography with focus on landscape images.

Amateur photographers who desire to master landscape photography can get a good start in learning how to take perfect landscape shots by following these helpful tips.

  1. Map out the best photo locations

Go online and search for places that were frequented by travelers and photographers. View the pictures they took and plan what you would want your capture images to look like. Checking out the best terrain, landforms, or vacation destinations can help you plan ahead on how to get there, what times to travel and what safety precautions to follow. You cannot just go to a new location without knowing what lies ahead. There are forests, high places that can be dangerous to visit.

  1. Know the best times to shoot

Times differ in different places and it is advisable to know ahead what time you should be in the place to get the right landscape shot. Generally, the best times are during the golden hours but it will still depend on the location on how light or dark it is during that particular time. In far-flung and high places you have to travel or hike for some hours, hence, the need to know whether staying overnight the day before is a good option.

  1. Look around the area

Once you are in the new spot, look around the area and plan what angles to take, what focal point to choose and even what camera setting is best to use. If you need to get up a little bit, then go ahead and make a climb. Or if you need to get down low, then do it as well. Think creative and unique. You can find more creative shots from the website of Boutique Wedding Films.

  1. Shoot in the golden hours

Getting the best natural light can definitely make your landscape photos look marvelous. By learning how to capture the right or ample light, you can produce more vibrant, terrific landscape shoots. Most professional photographers like wedding photographer cambridgeshire still look up to the old but powerful tip of shooting during the golden hours. The golden hour refers to the first hour after the sun comes out and the hour before the sun goes down. A beautiful glow is given out by the sun thus landscapes appear more spectacular.

  1. Bring a tripod and a remote release

A tripod is close to a landscape photographer’s heart. This essential tool provides stability to your camera so there will be no camera shakes and you don’t have to carry your heavy DSLR all the time. You can compose and plan the shots well if you don’t have to always carry your DSLR. Tripods can be adjusted to different low and high levels for more creative shots. A remote release also comes in handy so you don’t have to move or click the camera, you can just press the remote release to take a shot.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Yes it is easier to learn and shot in jpeg but then it is better to shoot in RAW if you want to have a better control of the final image during post production. Just allocate time to study and master how to shoot in RAW because this can definitely help you get better landscape photos.

Preparing for your Family’s first Photo Shoot

family photo shootA scheduled family shoot surely brings excitement to all family members. We love the idea of gathering together for one memorable family shoot. Family portraits always give us joy especially when we are far from them and yet we are able to see the faces in the pictures.

Some of us even hang our family portrait on the wall of our house because we want our visitors to be able to see it. We don’t get to reunite with our family often due to our busy schedule. And so, a planned family shoot is something that all members are certainly looking forward to. Of course, you should find a date where all if not most family members are available. A good choice is on a holiday or when a family member is about to celebrate a birthday or get married.

If it is your first family photo shoot, you will surely feel anxious on what to do or how to prepare for it. Well, there are several tips that can help you and your relatives make your photo session an awesome experience.

  1. Plan on the clothes to wear

The family should collectively decide on what colors to wear. Colors matter a lot in a photo. It would be best if you choose clothes that are of the same shade. Say for example, if you choose blue then all members should wear something blue – dark blue, light blue as long as it is within the same shade. If you have a big family, you can choose 3 colors and jointly agree on who will wear what specific color. You can ask advice from your professional photographers of portrait photography twickenham.

  1. Sleep well and eat right.

Even with the presence of photo editing software, it is still different if you actual look great in real life. You can make yourself look even better in the pictures if you prepare for the coming shoot. Sleeping early, exercising and eating right before the scheduled family shoot will surely bring a lot of difference in the family portrait. Tell other family members, too.

  1. Bring props that are significant for the family.

It is also a good idea to include a valuable item during the photo shoot. Valuable items may include a necklace or ring that is passed on from generation to generation or an antique clock given by a descendant. This will bring fond memories of those who already passed away. Our friends at newborn photography Pittsburgh certainly agree with this.

  1. Agree to be on the location at least an hour before schedule.

By going early to the location even if it is in your ancestral home, you will still have time to fix minor changes or help other family members with their outfits. Helping one another look good is a nice way to bond. Arriving early can also give you time to exchange greetings and pleasantries especially with those who you seldom see.

You seldom get to have a family photo with most relatives are in attendance; hence, it is important to make it become truly a memorable one.


Top 6 Things to Do When in Plymouth

plymouthWhenever we go on a vacation to a new country, we always think of the activities and places we should visit there. We desire to put our time to good use and be fully satisfied. The activities we plan to do will usually depend on the weather, locality and of course our hobbies.

For those who are planning a European, you should certainly consider going to England. England is a large country with a rich culture and interesting spots that tourists really love and return to. Among the wonderful cities in England is Plymouth. Are you familiar with this city? If not, here are some facts you should know about this amazing city.

Plymouth is a large city situated in the south coast of Devlon, England. It is considered to be the largest and is well known for trade and commercial shipping. Furthermore, Plymouth is known as one of England’s ocean city. Those who love water sports will certainly feel happy to find out that there are plenty of water activities to choose from.

Not only that, Plymouth also has scenic landscapes and amazing historical spots that are worth visiting and looking at. Here are some of the things you can do when vacationing in Plymouth.

  1. Visit the National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is known to be the largest in the world and is also the deepest in Europe. Tourists can cross the bridge from the famous The Mayflower Steps to reach this aquarium. You will get marveled by the vast marine life that you will see. There are sand tiger sharks, sea horses, and many more.

  1. Boat trip at the Mayflower Steps

A boat trip at the Mayflower Steps is a fun and memorable activity to do in Plymouth. Tourists of the place love to see the views during the boat trip from the Mayflower Steps to the Plymouth Sound. There is no admission fee at the Mayflower Steps but you will have to pay a certain fee when you enter the Mayflower Center.

A visit to Mayflower steps will enlighten your minds to the history of this memorable Mayflower Steps. The steps here are small and have been rebuilt but it remains treasured because this is where the Pilgrim Fathers departed on board the MayFlower.

  1. Have a look at the Smeaton’s Tower

The red and white lighthouse is known as the Smeaton’s Tower. It was built by John Smeaton and was not originally situated in Plymouth. Smeaton’s tower was only moved little by little to Plymouth Hoe and now it is a popular landmark that is worth visiting to when in Plymouth. Kent wedding photographer always goes to Smeaton’s Tower when in Plymouth.

  1. Tour the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Another activity that is worth doing is sightseeing the different collections from historical artifacts to art crafts and so much more. This museum is open from Tuesdays to Fridays at ten in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon.

  1. Stroll and Play at West Hoe Park

If you are vacationing with your kids, then this is definitely a great way to bond with your kids. In this park, you will find trampolines, crazy golf, and merry go round among many others. Both kids and adult will surely love the West Hoe Park. Raleigh Family Photographer highly recommends this for families.

  1. Swim at Wembury Beach

A swim at Wembury Beach will definitely complete your Plymouth vacation. You can relax at the beach or go try their water sports. You can stay with your family in a nearby hotel then in the morning walk along the shore before taking a swim. Wembury Beach already won awards for being a clean and well-maintained beach.

Bring along a camera with you so you can keep the memories of your Plymouth vacation for a lifetime.